Managing health and wealth in today’s busy world

Managing health and wealth in todays’s busy world


Everyone one of us facing some challenges to manage their own wealth and health. If one start focusing more on wealth and start working for longer duration then he suffers his health and vice versa. Here are Few Tips on how can you balance your health and wealth to live better and wealthier life in long run.

Tiresome jobs

Challenge: In this busy world today, it is important to balance work and health to see a fruitful and sustainable long life. The jobs have become over-exhausting and work pressures have increased. This has led to finding solutions to lead a healthy life.

Solution: One way to counter this challenge is to take take mid-breaks. When the expectations raises and pressure increases, you can take small breaks to recharge yourself and get back to work to maintain productivity.

Bad Eating Habits

Challenge: Food consumption is the most important factor to enjoy healthy life. Good food is directly proportional to healthy mind and body.

Solution: Having a good diet plus a regular exercise routine helps you stay energized all day. One way to overcome bad eating habits is preferring home cooked food rather than outside food and setting a target of consuming fruits on a regular basis

Health as low priority

Challenge: We over work in the age from 25 to 35 because that is the age when we are the most active and put work on priority and health on low priority. And then after the age of 35 we see symptoms of diseases and then our savings go into medical expenses

Solution: It is important to do Health and Wealth investments at an appropriate time. As investing 30 minutes daily on your health is important to stay fresh, investing into Wealth is equally important to live a financially secure life.

It’s not that difficult to manage your wealth without affecting health

Challenge: In India less 5% of population is invested in stock market and most of people prefer to invest in gold,real estate and Fixed deposits as according to them they are risk free investments and first question asked to portfolio manager by layman is will I get risk free returns in stock market ?

Solution:At value educator  we are not speculating on short term or intra day stock movements, here we are investing for long term in proven businesses which can grow your wealth way better than gold or FD. There is a huge difference between trading/speculation and investing, if one invests enough time to study about particular business, it’s competitors,industry structure,products and if he buy really good business (Don’t worry if you don’t understand this,we will explain this in detail in upcoming articles )below it’s intrinsic value (actual  value of business) then in long run he can create huge wealth in stock market and Mr.Buffet has done exactly same thing and his net worth is more than $85 billion now.

If  you can follow guidelines below then its  possible for you also to create huge wealth in long run without affecting your health : 

1) Starting investing as early as possible to get full benefit of compounding.

2)Invest only for long term, avoid speculation.(You will not only loose money in speculation but you will also your mental peace due to it)

3)Invest in businesses which you understand.

4)Be patient, don’t  track stock prices daily. Every investment takes its own time to grow.

5)Don’t invest blindly on tips and recommendations of any one. 


We at Value Educator provide you appropriate guidelines to lead a smart and healthy investment.

You can check our youtube channel where you can watch videos on how to invest in stock market, different stock analysis and other topics.

Visit our Investors community to get detailed analysis on various stocks and many other investment related topics.

So that’s it for today, if you need anything you can reach us at

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Disclaimer :Value Educator is investor education initiative, we are not giving any buying or selling recommendations, one can consult their own financial advisers before buying or selling. We won’t be responsible for any of your profit or loss. Please take note of it.  


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